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Analysis of winding formation
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016
In the production of textiles, to adapt to the different purposes of finishing and requirements, bobbin winding forms have a lot. Cheese roll shape mainly cylindrical tube, rounded cone shape and other package (such as Double-Cone cylindrical tube) in three categories. Yarns crossing angle between points on the package, there are two parallel and cross winding bobbin winding bobbin. From tube side plate and a side bobbin and spool. Winding on the bobbin between two coil like cross angle is very small, it is called a parallel build, parallel winding on the bobbin. When tilted winding on the bobbin of yarn, there is great distance between two adjacent, upper and lower loops of yarn when crossing at a greater angle, known as cross-winding, crossed on winding in endless bobbin. Cylindrical parallel winding spool appeared early in the production, it has the characteristics of stability, winding density, but its radial unwinding way led to a reduced scope of their application. Cross-wound cylindrical or conical cheese has a lot of advantages, to a large extent to meet the requirements of a variety of finishing processes, so is widely used. Synthetic filament yarn package usually cylindrical and twin cone cylindrical tube.

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