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Bobbin winding principle and requirement
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Winding mechanism with spiral yarn forms a layer after layer of tightly around the cylinder tube surface on a regular basis, form a cylindrical tube, rounded cone shape or other package.

Friction drive

Package equal to the linear speed of the drum surface and a little, the remaining points in the process of winding drum surface slip. Some concepts

Drive c: package equal to the linear speed of the drum surface point; or tube and drum point realization of pure rolling (consists of sliding and rolling friction of two).

Drive RADIUS Rk: the vertical distance from the driving point to the tube axis

Gear ratio: Groove tube half with a drive half the ratio.

Winding density:

Winding density refers to the weight of bobbin yarn in unit volume, its unit of measurement is g/cm3. Factors affecting the bobbin winding density are: form, winding bobbin winding tension, yarn, yarn type winding angle and degree, smooth the surface of the yarn, yarn density and cone on cylinder pressure.

According to the winding density, cross winding can be divided into tightly wound and the tightly wound two kinds, cheese formed by twisted tube and mesh tube, respectively. This section will focus on the analysis of the non-compact winding and tightly wound conditions, coil winding angle and bobbin winding density relationships.

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