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Braiding Machine
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2016

In the field of garment manufacturing industries, we often need to use a tool - weaving machines. It can help us to deal with all kinds of things that we can not handle themselves, its weaving technology is very good, but we are using such a machine in the process, also we need to be maintained. After all, any of which is the presence of life, if you want it to be extended trial period you need to properly maintain it. But how maintenance method is correct? We now look at its maintenance methods it!

Braiding machine maintenance work is mainly divided into three parts, the first is that it is work to be done before a maintenance. Before starting the machine, we need to make sure the machine is in good condition, the machine if there is a problem, and in this case, we use the machine, which will not only produce good quality products, but also make the already occurred the machine in question bear greater losses, allowed the problem worse. So when it's not just maintenance work to be running it, before running it should pay attention to its maintenance.

Secondly, the use of the knitting machine in the process, to do maintenance work, mainly the need to make it part of the maintenance work. Every time you use it in the process, to ensure that its parts are intact. Therefore necessary to periodically perform maintenance work on its parts. Once a problem is discovered its parts, it is necessary and timely replacement of parts, only to do this, we can guarantee the quality of its production, it can be confirmed that the machine intact. If the strange voice in the process of using it, then perhaps it's part fails, this time to stop work immediately, inspection and maintenance.

Finally, after using the Braiding Machine, pay attention to it for inspection, regular inspection and maintenance work can make small problems resolved timely, and will not develop into a large problem. Therefore, maintenance work, the hedge against problems, avoid small problems become big problems has been correctly completed the task.

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