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Code for operation of Braiding machines
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Code for operation of Braiding machines

13 Spindle High Speed Lace Braiding Machine          

1. Before opening the equipment, check whether the abnormal parts of the host, the lubrication parts required by filling oil, and an empty run, wear protective equipment;

2. The thread through the guide wheel to the disk and the Braiding conductor, and then by the traction wheel around to the take-up reel, fixed, the official drive;

3. After each stop, should be timely turntable guide surface, curved groove, upper and lower spindle and pendulum and other parts of the dust, oil and broken head clean.

4. The machine should pay attention to the observation of the machine, often check the oil can smoothly reach the lubrication point from the pipeline. The rotating parts of the arms shall be filled with butter and shall be filled with butter after every 120 hours of operation.

5. Any automatic lubrication system can not be involved in the operation of the machine parts, should always be manually added lubricant. Pitch gears, retractable gears and traction worms and worms parts should be added to each class of industrial grease once; line of light rods to add a number of industrial oil per shift; cable rod and take-up optical drive shaft at both ends of the bearing seat , Each class should refuel once.

6. If there is an unidentified shutdown, according to the "fault alarm" screen appears flashing lights alarm signal for the corresponding exclusion; such as frequent and oil pump alarm set the same time no alarm signal shutdown, check the oil. Whether the road is normal; found that lubricants can not reach the lubrication point must be excluded from failure to restart.

7. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to carry out the interchange of the hanging wheels. It is necessary to pay attention to the normal operation of all the equipments. Operators are not allowed to leave the workplace or hand over to those who have no operation permit. If the equipment fails, please stop in time. Repair personnel to help solve, and then re - drive;

8. After finishing work, cut off the total power, clean the work site, remove the silk and dust on the disk, wipe all parts of the equipment, the remaining hanging wheel stored in the designated area, placed neatly, fill in the process card and the statements and records , Good shift shift work.

                  Second, the process of operating procedures:

1. This procedure applies to the production of high-speed braiding shield control cables, plastic lines, radio frequency cables and other weaving process production.

2. Equipment technical specifications and parameters: see the weaving machine "equipment manual"

3. Production tools and measuring tools: measuring tools: precision 0.01mm micrometer. Tools: scissors, wrenches, screwdrivers and so on.

4. Preparation before driving:

l Before driving, the staff wear good work clothes and prepare the tools and measuring tools.

l understand the work of work, a clear production tasks on duty, according to process requirements and choose a good die with gear.

l Check whether the normal parts of the device, such as failure to notify the relevant departments to repair performance before driving.

l Check the semi-finished products and wire weaving (such as copper, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, copper clad aluminum wire), etc. whether the process requirements.

5. Process operation

l The semi-finished products to be fixed in the pay-off frame, fixed on the reel, adjust the tension.

l The cable core is discharged from the reel, then enters into the bottom of the reel through the center wheel of the guide wheel to the traction wheel, then guides it to the take-up reel. The position of the guide wheel should ensure that the cable center energy Through the center of the disk, and matching the installation of traction Guadai.

l Place the spindle with the coiled wire in the Braiding shuttle.

l check correct, you can start the machine after a period of time to stop, measure the weaving diameter, Braiding pitch and other technical parameters in line with the provisions of the process, after passing the normal production.

6. Quality control in production

l The machine suddenly stops during weaving because the thread break or thread has been used up and can be switched on after the corresponding disposal.

l In the process of compilation, if the shielding layer is not conforming to the specified requirements, stop the motor at any time. At the same time, the motor can be reversed to remove the wire weaving in this length, and then return to normal weaving.

l Strictly according to the process card issued to the workshop machine, control the process parameters, make inspection records.

l A complete reel requires a head in the end, such as the internal need to cut joints, the logo will be in the middle of the Department of 750px long non-woven strips indicate the reasons and indicate the length of the front section, such as a plate in several specifications put Together, should be stated from the inside out of the product model, size, length.

l The cable should be neat and tight, and there shall be no ups and downs.

l strictly in accordance with the provisions of the process card sent to the workshop machine, control process parameters, good inspection records.

Third, the process self-test requirements:

Serial numberTypes of wastecausePrevention and control measures
Braid density does not meet the requirements1. As the weaving density and the number of knitting spindles, each root number and diameter, pitch, angle of preparation

2. The number of spindles, the number of spindles, diameter unchanged, the greater the pitch weaving angle, weaving density is lower

1. Check the knitting pitch and knitting angle, there are problems in time to adjust, check whether the lack of root, lack of stock and small diameter should be promptly added or replaced

2, to keep the number of spindles, root and diameter knitting pitch, the angle between the preparation of mutual coordination

  2Uneven weave density Uneven thread strands

1. The tension of the strands of the knitting machine is out of control

Replacement due to long-term use of fatigue to lose elastic spring, adjust the tension of each strand

  3Braiding pitch is not uniformTraction wheel around the cable too few to produce sliding spindle speed and traction line speed unstable matching Appropriate increase in the number of laps on the traction wheel, adjust the speed between the two stable
  4There is a hole in the braid

1. Wire strands caused by disconnection, and line tension control is not uniform, there are accumulation of cross-line pressure line, and the line is not flat

2. Spindle tension is not adjusted evenly, strand elasticity varies

3. strand broken, the repair method is not appropriate

1. Adjust the thread tension

2. Adjust the nail tension

Third, the process self-test requirements:

1. Purpose and scope of application:

For the inspection of semi-finished products to provide specific inspection procedures and implementation of the basis for the company's existing production capacity of the product category in the semi-finished products manufacturing process of testing. So that process inspection standardization and standardization, to achieve the purpose of controlling product quality.

2. Terms or definitions:

 the first piece of inspection (or the first inspection): the machine is the first production of the implementation of the product inspection.

 Inspection (or process inspection): refers to the production process after the completion of the first inspection of the process of inspection. Inspection frequency requirements are generally not less than twice, less than two full inspection.

 Completion inspection (or completion inspection): refers to the (batch) products in the production process after the end of the test.

 special inspection: by the full-time inspectors in accordance with the provisions of the test items for inspection.

 self-test: by the operator of their products produced by the provisions of the test items for testing.

 Inspection Batch: All the products produced by the machine.

• Symbol R - represents the inspection that should be performed for each product in the inspection lot.

 symbol S - on behalf of the inspection batch for sampling inspection items.

 the number of sampling inspection requirements: in principle, according to the proportion of 5% extraction (but not more than three). 20 pieces and the following sampling number ≮ one; 20 to 40 pieces of sampling number ≮ two; 40 more than the number of samples ≮ three.

3. Other notes:

 symbols in the table behind: O - said special inspection Z - said self-test

 This semi-finished product inspection instruction is applicable and comprehensive in the compilation and release. However, after the implementation of the new product development or new equipment to add new processes, should be added in a single page form of additional, the new semi-finished product inspection requirements, methods and forms of inspection to make provision.

Weaving process inspection instructions

Item Requirement Inspection method and instrument inspection form

The first inspection process inspection completion test

1, the appearance of close formation, no damage to the insulation or sheath layer burr. Visual inspection Z Z O Z (S)

2 Net number / diameter of the single-line process documentation

Micrometer Z Z O Z (S)

3 Braiding pitch Technical file Steel ruler Z Z O Z (S)

4 Weaving OD Process file Vernier caliper Z Z O Z (S)


Fourth, the civilized production rules:

1. Finished finished disc weaving, machine with the turn table before the shift must be removed and stored to the set area, will be received, put bobbins back to the device;

2. All finished products Braiding wire must be bundled in the unloading tray before the transfer, and fill in the production process according to the product card, with adhesive tape wrapped around the product head.

3. All knitted products in the selection of the take-up reel, we must pay attention to the protection of both sides of the reel to ensure that woven products can not be caused by both sides of the wire plate injury, wear woven layer;

4. Parallel spindle should be used according to specifications, prohibit the use of half of the production output to remove, while the attention and the line is strictly prohibited and full of drums, resulting in loss.

5. And silk use the plastic tray with a bag loaded, full bag delivery designated storage location.

6. Received materials in accordance with the provisions of the regional requirements placed in order to prohibit the introduction after the spread on the ground.

7. Each line to fill in a single product transfer, should indicate the production shift, the Executive, models, specifications, length, date, intraday short segment length.

8. Green tape for repair purposes, can be through the color tape, yellow tape for the quality of the accident, is required to repair the color tape, red tape for the color of the tape segment.

9. Completed after the completion of the production date report, the data should be true, not allowed to fraud, has been detected on duty all invalid.

10. waste storage, the class generated by the various waste, according to classification at 3:30 pm, to find custody storage, and the next day with the production date of the report, a single collection of statistical data, the next day did not pay A variety of statements, each deduction of the main vehicle.

Fifth, the common types of waste and solutions (see table below).

No. Scrap types Cause Solution

1 pitch does not meet the provisions of the wrong gear to match the process card gear

2 twist excessive traction slip line tension is insufficient to adjust the line tension

3 disconnection 1. pay attention to on-line messy line quality

2. Set the line too tight to adjust the pay-off tension hammer

4 Scratch 1. Wire wheel mold is not smooth repair guide wheel

5 cable messy, lack of sense of responsibility to take the line seriously, strengthen the sense of responsibility


6, shift and process records

1. According to the requirements of the various technical records

2. The production tasks, and the quality of shift to tell the successor. Before the get off work should be the scope of the machine floor clean, the waste will be stacked in the specified location

3. If the rest or unsuccessful person should disconnect the power supply

7, safe production

1. The production process should pay attention to safety, the length of the hair can not shoulder, women should be hair tied

2. Replace the disk, the disk should be shut down



Weaving monitor training

In order to strengthen the quality and personnel management, the squad's operating procedures:

1. Responsible for the education and training of new employees (including how to see the material card. Count pitch. Change gear. For eye mode.

2. To supervise the compilers to implement the Provisions of the Weaver.

3. Every day before get off work, a meeting of all the staff, arrange a day's work, the quality of publicity began to work after the transfer of work and tools and to check the environment before get off work

4. At any time control of the day of all the machine's processing specifications and a variety of Nissan, the development of each operator's target daily output

5. Check the quality of all the machines and the pay-off tension

6. To deal with employees to reflect the problem, if not resolved, to be reported to the higher authorities

7. Control all the semi-finished products, empty shaft. Copper number, found the next class is not enough to be informed in advance (business notification customer preparation)

8. Registration of incoming material specifications and weight (including core and copper), the need to fill in the form of storage, and signature

9. will be pouring a small copper wire into the Braiding machine according to the specifications of the stage, the empty shaft back into the inverted axis area

10. Strictly control the amount of scrap copper per day. Determine the number of scrap copper per day. Check the quantity of each copper wire. Separate the wire for each customer's specifications.

11. Supervise the weighing pound weight of the finished product, and complete the card correctly

12. At any time sampling copper wire placed on the Braiding machine is in line with specifications, do not mistake copper

13. Requisitioned shop required items, the competent signature, the Red Alliance to the procurement, blue to the warehouse

14. Control of all parts of the workshop, the staff must be promptly after receipt of registration (fill out the scrap and workshop picking single items)

15. True. Correctly fill in the weaving processing efficiency statistics

Physical foaming line production common problem solving

First, the surface roughness, rupture

In this case,

Cause Analysis:

1. Material melt flow rate is small (LDPE ≤ 0.5g / 10min, HDPE 0.2 ~ 1.0g / min), boot speed can cause rapid melt fracture.

2.LDPE mixed with HDPE, melt flow rate is not uniform, resulting in uneven internal stress, the die recovery when the mouth caused by melt fracture.

3. The temperature is too low, the pressure increases, the shear stress increases, the boot speed exceeds the critical shear rate of plastic (LDPE is generally 50 ~ 600 1 / s).

4. The outlet pressure is too small or too large.

5. The die set inlet angle is too large and the critical shear rate becomes small.

6. Nitrogen pressure is too large, and further increase the plastic extrusion pressure, shear stress increases, the critical shear rate decreases.

7. Die sets too small, resulting in increased internal stress.

8. Mold core, mold sleeve is not smooth, high-speed friction is large, easy to cause melt fracture.

9. Screw length to diameter ratio is too small, groove depth is too shallow.

10. Accelerated too fast, has caused the melt fracture.


1. Use a larger melt flow rate of material (different LDPE material, the melt flow rate can be a difference of several times).

2. The appropriate mixing of HDPE, HDPE melt flow rate is greater, but this method is easy to weaken the core tensile properties, easy to break, generally not suitable for solid core extrusion; such as HDPE mixing is too large, screw The internal pressure is low, the nitrogen intake air volume increases and the intake air is unstable, easy to cause the foaming degree to be too big and the flat line, the surface hairy or the outer diameter is unstable.

3. Increase the melt temperature.

4. Adjust the distance between the mold core and the mold sleeve: L = 1.5 ~ 2.5D (D-mold hole diameter). L partial pressure is small, L is too large pressure. Pressure adjustment to observe the die from the core of the mold just when the foaming prevail (a more transparent when the die mouth), the pressure is small, easy to rough surface of the mold foam, the pressure is prone to flat lines and body temperature automatic Lt; / RTI & gt;

5. To reduce the die set inlet angle, mold core slope and mold wall should be consistent, try to keep the plastic laminar flow.

6. Appropriate reduction of nitrogen pressure. Generally smaller diameter core nitrogen pressure can be reduced, the larger the appropriate increase, not all lines are using the same pressure.

7. Appropriate amplification of mold sets, reducing the die before the internal stress.

8. Sanding with sand mold core, mold sets of walls, to improve the critical shear rate of extrusion.

9. Increase the screw length to diameter ratio, deepen the groove depth.

10. Appropriate to reduce the boot speed, the screw inside the row after the material slowly to accelerate. (The melt surface tension has a critical range, such as over the critical upper limit, to be restored to not break down the speed to below the critical lower limit, so the critical shear rate for the surface tension of the lower limit value. From the critical surface tension lower limit rise to be reached when the upper limit will cause the melt fracture, so long as a certain boot speed, the surface stress generated by the destructive force than its critical surface tension does not occur Melt fracture.

Second, the diameter of different sizes

Cause Analysis:

1.Plastic in the filter plate at the rotation extrusion, impetus rotation, impurity blocking mesh mesh in random changes, resulting in plastic flow size changes.

2. Nitrogen pressure is too large, when filling the nitrogen into the uneven, foam degree changes.

3. The setting of the ONLINE measurement and control tolerance is too small to cause the traction motor speed to change rapidly, and the inertia in the change process leads to unstable speed.

4. Traction motor feedback action delay.

5. The main motor speed instability, plastic extrusion flow changes.

6. Die sets too small, when the amount of extrusion foam and the pressure greater.

7. Line tension is not uniform, resulting in line speed changes.

8. Improper temperature regulation, nitrogen mixed with plastic is not uniform.


1. Frequently replace the filter, increase the filter layer.

2. Appropriate reduction of nitrogen pressure.

3. Increase the tolerance of ONLINE.

4. Adjust the inverter parameters.

5. Appropriate increase die sets.

6. Adjust the pay-off tension.

7. Adjust the heating temperature.

(Shown in the following figure) φ80 machine for the seven-zone heating zone, between the 3,4 area for the inlet hole, nitrogen into the pressure will be low (that is, high temperature region) area flow, φ80 machine The screw is short, nitrogen and the melt may not be fully mixed on the extrusion, resulting in uneven diameter size, so the need to reduce the temperature of the third zone, the fourth area temperature increase, the nitrogen rewet mixed after extrusion, that From the operation to increase the length of the mixing section, so that nitrogen and plastic can be fully mixed, so uniform foam, so that the outer diameter is relatively stable.

10. Appropriate to reduce the boot speed, the screw inside the row after the material slowly to accelerate. (The melt surface tension has a critical range, such as over the critical upper limit, to be restored to not break down the speed to below the critical lower limit, so the critical shear rate for the surface tension of the lower limit value. From the critical surface tension lower limit rise to be reached when the upper limit will cause the melt fracture, so long as a certain boot speed, the surface stress generated by the destructive force than its critical surface tension does not occur Melt fracture.

Third, as confirmed nitrogen inlet airway, nitrogen gas sufficient, the nitrogen intake is still difficult

Cause Analysis:

Material copper pressure is too large, and nitrogen pressure is basically the same, nitrogen can not enter the barrel.


1, remove the impurities on the filter, so that smooth plastic extrusion.

2, check the mold sleeve is too small, or mold core, mold sleeve spacing is too small, thereby increasing the screw pressure.

3, the appropriate increase in the inlet side of the inlet side of the heater temperature (increased 20 to 30 degrees is appropriate).

Fourth, the nitrogen inlet plug

Cause Analysis:

When the pressure inside the cylinder is large, nitrogen gas is released, and the pressure inside the air tube is greatly reduced. If the reverse obstruction of the intake valve is bad, the plastic will easily back into the trachea, thus blocking the gas entry.


1, the replacement of nitrogen, so that residual gas cylinders out of the cylinder before the pressure can be replaced.

2, shutdown or foam degree is too large, does not allow the release of nitrogen, to prevent the melt back to the infiltration.

Fifth, the core line flat wire

Cause Analysis:

1, the mold set is too small, the expansion of the plastic mold expansion of the stress is too large and uneven, resulting in flat line.

2, the temperature is too high, stereotypes slow self-deformation occurred.

3, the amount of nitrogen is too large, too high degree of foam.

Solution: a, appropriate increase die sets. B, reduce the temperature. C, the appropriate reduction of nitrogen.

※: foam core with mold

Foam core core: D = d + k (k = 0.15 to 0.30)

D-core diameter d-conductor diameter k-core amplification. Single-conductor amplification value is small, multi-branch conductor amplification value is larger

Dx = [(1-F) * (D2-d2) + d2] 1/2 * k

Dx-die set size mm F-degree of foam D-core diameter mm

D-conductor outer diameter (or core outer diameter) mm k-coefficient of 0.95 to 1.0

Die core, die set distance L = 1.5 ~ 2.5D L - spacing D-die set aperture


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