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Guide for application of float switches
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Float switch suitable for control of pump operation to maintain the liquid level; controlling the automatic loading and unloading of tank; controlling supply of liquid or signal, such as fuel tanks, hydraulic, automatic cleaning system tank, low pressure boilers, waste water treatment systems.

Side entry float switches

Small ball float liquid level switch is a simple, easy to use liquid level control of parts, no complicated circuit, would not be disturbed,

As long as the material selection is correct, any nature of the liquid, pressure and temperature can be used.

Liquid dielectric properties and float:

1. liquid specific gravity is not the same as float action will vary, SG hours than water, will float is immersed in a liquid increases.

2. float switch products refer to the proportion of water (SG=1) used to be considered when choosing float liquid level the proportion of SG, denoted by the floating ball specifications must be over,

Otherwise, the float switch unable to float.

3. viscosity of high dries, liquid, General should use larger diameter ball.

4. float switch is sensing Reed switches using a magnet, so the liquid level should be measured no iron, otherwise it will affect the float side of switch operation.

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