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High Speed Lace Braiding Machine
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2016

High Speed Lace Braiding Machine 

Mainly used for knitting a variety of circular or flat elastic and elastic rope, woven products with a variety of rope, shoelaces, elastic band, decorative belt, high tension zone, fishing line, fishing line, trailer rope, Sports belt, curtain belt, wire, fiber and other high-quality products.


High Speed Lace Braiding Machine industry:

Mainly used for rope weaving and wire and cable industry

High Speed Lace Braiding Machine : 

A.High Speed Lace Braiding Machine using variable frequency stepless speed control, can be configured to touch screen, set and adjust the convenient and intuitive, display language in English and Chinese interface; alarm light can prompt fault, broken yarn stop sensitive packet heart synchronous feeding, Broken yarn control, low energy consumption, high output and other functions

B. The machine disk with a special ingredients, improve the wear resistance; key components by special heat treatment and super finishing, long service life.

C. Machine running high stability, easy maintenance, simple operation.

D. Small footprint, saving space

E. Electric box panel operation is simple and easy to understand, the biggest advantage of woven products is not stained with grease (except for human factors), for the production of such as: transparent lines, woven copper and Tiefo silver lines of high quality Great help.

F. Applicable wire: stainless steel wire, copper wire, tinned wire, enameled wire, nickel wire, nylon wire, carbon fiber, cotton yarn and other materials.

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