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Pressure controller upgrade
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

If the time out of the box, it will cause a big smoke water and color black, seriously affect the quality of smoke.

"Must be manually broken immediately. "According to the guideline, worried operators hit the break button. At this time, door protection does not show on the display, you can out of the box.

After careful analysis, we find the causes of the problem. Originally, detection of vacuum pressure controller is a mechanical pressure, the displacement to detect the size of the pressure spring. This pressure controller is simple, easy to install, but accuracy is low, signaling slow response, leaf spring easy to distort, delay, resulting in a vacuum moisture regain cabinet door is protected, unable to out of the box.

To solve the problem, silk reeling workshop maintenance worker decided to changed from mechanical to electronic pressure controllers. They were using the Internet check the pressure controller device manual, research equipment circuit diagram, finally found the best way to solve practical problems.

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