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Sanjing electric converter for fiber winding machine brings technological innovations
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

In order to improve the take-up of new technology, reduce the manufacturing cost winding machine, enhance the competitiveness of winder's borders, it is necessary to increase innovation and research and development sets new chemical fiber winding technology and its mechanical and electrical integration technologies through nationalization of key technology to achieve high performance winding machine with independent intellectual property rights into the new technology.

Current main development direction of winding machine with high capacity, high quality, multi-purpose-oriented; winding machine technology is a core strength to achieve this goal. It is mainly controlled by the anti-patterning of the traverse gear systems, Chuck rotation roll control systems, contact control system, automatic control systems, winding the production process control system and distributed control system for production of fiber winding. Most important is the control of winders, full integration of advanced volume header and embody the Mechatronics technology, the following figure is an automatic switching high-speed winder winder of chemical fiber Mechatronics chart, via a dedicated controller-related tasks such as model of computing, testing and control.

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