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Shoelace Tipping Machine
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2016

The main role of Shoelace Tipping Machine there are two points: 1, to carry out the laces on isolated Baotou; 2, according to a length of lace is cut processing. Therefore, according to the work mode is divided into single-pole Shoelace Tipping Machine and doubles Shoelace Tipping Machine two kinds. Single-handedly the name suggests is in the middle of the die cutters only a header, directly connected to the middle of the finished product. The pole head machine in the middle of the mold are two cutters header, and at the same time cut the rope.

Shoelace Tipping Machine, according to the operation mode is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic shoelace Shoelace Tipping Machine Heading Machine two kinds. Semi-automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine, is the use of artificial feeding, artificial length control, manual control of the machine header action. He has a flexible, easy to adjust the length of the advantages, suitable for small batch production or use proofing. Yield and quality are directly related with the operation of the workers. Automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine, different from the semi-automatic place, characterized by a high degree of automation him, feeding, length control, the number of statistics and all the automatic operation of the machine in Baotou, workers just need to come up with the finished packaging it. Important suitable for mass production. Automatic Heading machine high output can reach 60,000 per day.

Recently, automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine basis, but also developed a new gift with a special automatic heading machines, according to the characteristics gift tape, the entire length of the appearance of the machine controlled at about 2 meters, while improving the speed, so that day production reached 100,000.

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