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The main functions and performance of shoelace tipping machine introduction
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 09, 2016

The use of shoelace tipping machine is relatively simple, we also need to understand the relevant knowledge, is conducive to the daily maintenance, this paper introduces knowledge maintenance seven shoelace tipping machine:
1, temperature automatic adjustment of shoelace tipping machine, generally at 50 DEG C.~60 DEG C, set the temperature reached the constant temperature automatically.
2, the main motor overload protection function.
3, equipped with special safety devices, long die life.
4, the structure is strong, operation safety.
5, the phase protection function, to prevent the damage caused by the structure of machine parts, when the wiring is unable to start when, need to change phase connection.
6, the film has no automatic stop function, to prevent and reduce the loss of machine idling.
7, can use general film, text picture, picture film

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