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Braiding Machine characteristics And Common Problems Measures
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2016

Features Braiding Machine knitting efficiency is high, full-featured, good quality knit, woven large flower range. Use cable Braiding Machine knitting clothing can greatly improve the grade. Needle selection on the same principle, needle selection system, but part of the pattern in the transmission pattern information to readers and computer-controlled electromagnet instead of feeding and reading portions of the pattern plate.

  First, the production process procedures: the need to put in fixed semi-finished woven wire rack, fixed reel, regulate the tension. Cable core release from the reel, the host enters below, and through the guide wheel through the center hole of the disk around a few times to the rear tractor wheel, and then lead to the closing coil, position of the guide wheel through the center of the cable should guarantee disk center and installed the optional traction peg teeth. It would have been good and the wire spindle mounted in the weaving shuttle. After check and correct, the machine can be switched on for some time stop, measure the outside diameter of weaving, braiding pitch and other parameters meets a predetermined process, before normal production after passing.

  Second, the production of quality control: the Braiding Machine during a sudden stop, because the line has been disconnected or exhausted, you can do after boot corresponding disposal continue to knit. Preparation process, such as is found in braided shield does not meet the requirements, should be ready to stop this clear on the length of the wire braid, the disposal of exhausted, and then return to normal braid


GH46-1 Spindle Braiding Machine.jpg

  Braiding Machines ome problems occasionally occur and remedies


1. Since the density of knitting and weaving spindles, and the number of each spindle diameter, pitch angle about the preparation

2. The number of spindles, the number of spindles, the same diameter, the larger the pitch braiding angle, the lower the density of the weave

Prevention measures:

1. Check the knitting and weaving pitch angle, there are problems in time to adjust, check for lack of roots, the lack of stocks and small diameter should be added or replaced

2. Keep the number of spindles, the coordination between the radical and the braiding pitch diameter, angle of preparation

Second, the uneven density Braiding Machine braiding strands tightness

Reason: weaving machines strand tension out of control

Prevention measures: Replace the long-term use of fatigue loss of elasticity of the spring, to adjust the tension of each strand

Third, the Braiding Machine knitting uneven pitch

Reason: cable turns around the traction sheave too few sliding spindle speed and traction line speed instability, set match.

Prevention measures: appropriate increase in the number of turns on a cable traction wheel, adjust the speed and stability between the two

Fourth, braid braiding machine with holes, scars


1. Disconnect cause strands and wire tension control uneven income lines are stacked cross-pressure line, and the line arrangement is not flat

2. No adjustment spindle tension uniform strands tightness

3. strand breakage, improper repair methods

Prevention measures:

1. Adjust the thread tension and

2. Adjust the tension spindle

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