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High-speed Weaving Machine Considerations
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

High-speed Braiding Machine during use, we must take professional training to work, but in the process, we should pay attention to details and done and we will work to do more in place!

1, high-speed Braiding Machine fabric complete configuration: using the shuttle loom structure; weft tension control is the key.

2, high-speed weaving machine fabric thickness and width: consider the effect of the thickness of the beating process, the need to ensure a clear opening, height need to allow sufficient movement of the shuttle. Fabric width is currently 40-70mm, the overall width of the loom and the need to match the width of the fabric.

3, warp arrangement: high-speed Braiding Machine similar to lifting structure, control the cylinder opening. Healds through the mesh plate and cylinder connection. The first layer and the last layer warp yarn between the warp distance will affect the clarity of the opening, therefore, need to choose the right mesh panels will warp heald distance control within a certain range. Priority to two orthogonal dents in an overlapping manner.

4, warp tension control: High-speed Braiding Machine warp opening to the maximum height and mechanized usually inconsistent length, since the glass fibers substantially no amount of stretching required to choose the appropriate warp tension control systems such as disc tension, etc., to control the yarn tension.

5, the first few warp: warp creel warp yarn is determined by the number of fabric specifications.

6, high-speed warp Braiding Machine the size of the opening angle of the opening angle of the warp and mechanized lifting height related. Warp opening angle for an opening height of the heald dents travel distance to determine the height of the shuttle.

7, high-speed Braiding Machine Nylon Rope slack tight control: To use nylon rope connected heald with the cylinder. Nylon rope because of their characteristics, in use for some time will be extended. Bolting required to adjust its elastic nylon rope.

8, weft tension control: friction structure, yarn tension adjustable.

9, shuttle Exercise: glass yarn and woven friction easy to fluff affect product performance, and therefore the best solution for the movement of the shuttle from floating through the opening.

10, the weft shaft capacity: the capacity of the weft shaft impact continuous beating numbers. Shuttle bed height and width on height and diameter of the shaft by the weft.

11, beating force control freak cam beating.

12, fabric take-up fabric with a certain thickness, not the usual way of take-up roll. It intends to use the straight line traction.

13, high-speed warp Braiding Machine warp control: menopause sheet form, can accurately control the yarn tension.

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