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Hot Film Composition
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Tipping is one of a variety of printing, aims to achieve a metallic shiny effect. Hot stamping films are mainly gold and silver, there are also other colors, such as red, blue, green, black, etc. Laser based on normal bronzing film bronzing membrane, into the holographic diffraction grating pattern or to enhance the decorative effect. Hot stamping films specific color laser and color cards with bronzing film specific pattern and patterned card.

Gilding this printing method has been widely used in a variety of substrates, such as: paper, greeting cards, paper, thin, soft plastic, hard plastic, and leather and imitation leather. Sun package themselves based on the technology of the introduction and development of applied over a variety of substrates of various types of hot-film.

Stamping consists in the polyester film (PET) and multilayer chemical coating composition coated on the surface. Pet film thickness is usually 12 microns, some of which coating is to produce decorative effects, whereas the outer coating is used to control the performance of hot-film, different coatings applied to different substrate. Purpose of the aluminum layer in order to have a reflective effect, Al Si melts by high temperature sublimation in low vacuum conditions condensation after hot stamping films formed on.

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