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Knitting Machine Features Are There?
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

1, automatic n-color device

Using the latest development of the n-line control, and can be single or double plate in woven into the n colors.

2, mass storage

Storage and memory have been designed for larger complex flowers, maximum n ingot/X indentation, color n flowers above maximum storage n ingot/X indentation.

3, magnetic card input system

Designed flower PPD-35 removed and insert the CK35 knitting machine's card, by simply operation, magnetic cards can be designed quickly entered into the knitting machine.

4, the automatic safety operation of electric motors

By computer control of electric motor also has following several points security run mode; a,, and break that stopped mode: woven process in the, wool suddenly break Shi, head immediately stop run mechanism, b, and overload since stopped: woven process in the, as encountered wool winding or cursory bent, damaged, reasons caused run blocked, load overweight Shi, automatically downtime, and automatically memory by weaving of line number. Outages and automatic memory the number of rows knitted.

5, are free to change the width of the woven, quickly and easily.

Knitting machine is mainly used in shipyards, Ocean transportation, defense industry, offshore, port operations, automobile air and train, furniture, shoes, clothes, belts, wrist bands, jewelry, and other general areas. The knitted structure, process scientific, high strength, low elongation and abrasion resistance loss, simple operation and so on. Particularly suitable for making large rope.

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