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Knitting Machine Operation And Steps
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

(1) after the rib-knit operation, moving slowly die without the yarn needle work 1-2 rows, so all the needle into the needle, open latch needle through the brush, so that the yarn.

(2) the head is driven through the Guide transforms wear wool yarn yarn, wool yarn inside the needle bed gap, yarn after the first lap around the fixed, push the nose weaving across the nose stops left.

(3) check has no leak pad yarn of weaving needle, as has is fill Shang, then left pinch set site comb Chlamys farreri (commonly known as crossed Board), extraction set site comb Chlamys farreri within of wire, will set site comb Chlamys farreri Shang of silk buckle from before and after needle bed of gap mouth by frame Xia part from Xia up around symmetric to through up mouth Billboard, makes silk mouth show needle bed gap estuary, right hand will wire wear into silk mouth eyelets in the.

(4) in set piece comb comb hanging below a heavy hammer, hammer should be gently, so as not to further knit wool yarn breakage.

(5) close the 1th and the 3rd pin triangle, according to the fabric requirements "idling" weave, such as technological requirements are 2:1, push the nose in three rows, head stop the right.

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