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The Main Application Field Of Braiding Machine
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

 Braiding machine for variety of raw materials are: nylon multifilament (thread), polypropylene filament (thread)

 polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PP, Ditan, high-elastic, cotton yarn (lines), beads of light, leather and mixing.

High-speed Braiding machine has a complete set of N color automatic conversion means

 by computer-controlled operation of a motor drive for automatic switching between each yarn feed nozzle

so that the pattern of multicolor knit simple and easy. It is woven high performance operation

 it is easy to spend money to complete the high-quality woven only in the large-scale computer knitting machine to complete

high-end computer knitting miniaturization.

High-speed Braiding machine Features:

 1: High-quality parts, reasonable mechanism, making the machine run more stable and last longer.

 2: The user-friendly design, security simple, direct and convenient machine maintenance.

 3: When the knitting is not easy to wear and will not break the surface material, after weaving

naturally have a higher quality, if the heart of the product package, you can use automatic feeding

 whether large or small, including heart can send the correct amount,

 4: cursory ingot outlet point of the device linked into industrial substituted perforation work with porcelain eyes (alumina)

reasonable structure cursory ingot, and the replacement and adjustment of elastic yarn faster and easier.

 Automatic power-off yarn means five machines faster and more accurate. When the package runs out or broken heart

 the machine will automatically stop running, so in the case of unattended operation, peace of mind can make the machine running

 in order to increase production and reduce costs.

 6: motor with frequency control, variable speed, easy to control the speed of the speed, and overload protection.

 7: standard parts supply and improve after-sales service, will provide a strong guarantee the normal operation of your machine.

 8: High quality, high speed, high quality, which will provide you with more space.

Studying "Braiding machine" has become our habit. The special braiding machine problems require special solutions.

Our pursuit of the highest precision and top quality.

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