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Type Of Stamping Machine
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Paper bronzing machine can be divided into:

A small, manual stamping machine, stamping sizes finer paper.

Second, the flat stamping machine, this machine has a variety of sizes, from small to hot generous Folio dimensions there are Trojan gold foil, slow, process for manual operation.

Three, manual beer box-tipping machine, this kind of machine manual beer boxes, dimensions can be used for blocking to 28 inch x40 inch paper, processes are manual, slow, much less in Hong Kong.

Four, Heidelberg automatic Rotary stamping press, letterpress printing machine Heidelberg can be said to be the old top. The hot stamping machine is converted from letterpress machine, letterpress printing has today been replaced by offset printing, then think on this machine machine factory, converted fully automatic stamping press, primarily part of words into the heating plate and assembled the gilded version of the place, and install your gold paper components. This hot young thin and has a good effect on the ground.

Five, flat automatic stamping machine, automatic machine beer box, is quite expensive, is not much, but speed is the fastest machine, hot stamping area is also larger.

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