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Types Of Looms
Shanghai Gaohe Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Rapier weaving machine

Because there are many forms of the rapier weaving machine types, calendar and according to the configuration of the rapier can be divided into single, double two rapier loom. The rapier weaving machine at work when you are using rigid or flexible rapier head for clamping, so as to guide the Warp effect. Very suitable for weaving itself out of the fabric. Rapier loom is the biggest advantage is that change is very easy, and therefore suitable for textile color weft fabric. Generally used for production of yarn-dyed, fabric.

Air jet loom

Air jet loom works by using a machine that spit out the compression of air to reach a traction to the weft, weft through shed. The advantages of air jet loom is driving very fast at work and higher productivity. Often used for plain or patterns of fabric, special thin fabric of high density and mass production of fabrics.

Water-jet loom

Water-jet looms are the medium of water used as traction latitude, water traction with the weft in the process, so as to achieve the objective of introducing the shed. Characterised by high speed and high efficiency, generally used for smooth production of chemical fiber fabrics.

Of projectile weaving machine

Projectile looms using small clips to hold the weft. This loom weft-stable characteristics and weaving things out very well. Generally used for filling multicolor fabric or some production of broad width fabric.

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